Yes, we can import all your current bookings into your Sirvoy account at no cost, if you provide us with a correctly formatted export file. The file format must be csv. We will let you know if the file needs any adjustments or lacks any data.

Note: If your account is connected with, these bookings will be automatically imported into Sirvoy, so make sure to exclude all reservations in the file you provide.


  • Fields must be separated by semi-colon (;)
  • Fields can be left empty, except for these required fields: Room No., Check-in, Check-out, Number of Guests, Price per Night, First Name
  • Room No. must match exactly the room number/name as entered in Sirvoy (not room type).
  • Check-in and Check-out must be in format “YYYY-mm-dd” or “dd-mm-YYYY”
  • Price per Night must have a decimal point (not a comma) or alternatively no decimals at all.
  • All column headers must be present and named correctly.

Here is an example of a CSV file containing two bookings:

Booking No.;Check-in;Check-out;Room No.;Number of Guests;Price per Night;First Name;Last Name;Company;Address;Post/Zip Code;City;Country;Phone;Email; Guest Message;Comment;Confirmed

You may want to download this example CSV file