Note: Telkey is only available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Development is being done to offer similar services in other countries.

You might be interested in automating the check-in process for your guests by using a keyless entry system. Sirvoy partners with Telkey, a company providing a cloud-based service for administering locks and access codes for these. Telkey provides both robust and easy-to-use locks, in addition to giving guests access to their rooms without the use of a physical key. The solution works no matter whether you are running a hotel, hostel, outdoor cabins or similar.

How Does it Work?

  1. A booking is registered in Sirvoy.
  2. At a time specified by you, the guest receives an email triggered from Telkey with a code card, which can be received to their mobile device. The card includes codes to the front door, the booked room(s) and any other part of the hotel that you would like to give your guest access to. You choose when to validate the codes.
  3. Upon checking out, the codes are rendered invalid. A new code card is then made available to the next guest.
  4. In addition to this, cleaning personnel and others can be given access to the facilities either through key fob codes or physical keys.

The locks don’t need Wi-Fi connection, thanks to Telkey’s mTAC® technology for “smart offline”. This ensures a smooth check-in process, without the need for the internet. Additionally, the locks can run by battery or via a connection to your electrical system for more flexibility.

Is the Solution Suited for My Business?

Telkey works with larger hotel chains and smaller hotels alike. As an alternative to purchasing the locks, Telkey partners with IKANO Bank in Sweden to rent the locks and related products for a period of 36 months. There are similar solutions in the Nordic countries, for which the terms are handled separately depending on the country. This is usually appreciated by smaller accommodation businesses, as initial outlays are avoided.

How Do I Learn More About the Solution and Connected Costs?

As mentioned, Telkey provides the locks that are necessary for their cloud-based system. These are easily installed and can be used to either replace your current locks or work together with them. The locks from Telkey work together with locks from ASSA, Dormakaba and others. For detailed information about the locks, how to install them and the connected costs for the locks and the connection between Sirvoy and Telkey, please go to or contact Telkey at

How Do I Connect?

Please contact our support at if you are interested in connecting. We will provide more information and help you establish a connection together with Telkey. Once the connection is made, Sirvoy will send the necessary information to Telkey about any bookings created in Sirvoy.