Room type duplicates allow you to create copies of your existing room types. The duplicate will share the same pool of rooms as the parent room type. When the rooms in the parent room type are modified or booked, the duplicate room type will also be updated accordingly.

This can save a lot of time when creating new room types similar to an existing one. For example, if you want to offer the same set of rooms, both with or without breakfast, you can simply create a room type duplicate. The parent room type could have a description and price that excludes breakfast, the duplicate room type could include breakfast.

Follow these steps to create a room type duplicate:

  1. Go to Settings -> Accommodations and click “Add new”.
  2. Give the new room type a name similar to the parent room type, but that clearly describes the difference, for example “Double room with Breakfast”.
  3. Set “This is a duplicate” to “ON”.
  4. Indicate which room type you want to duplicate (the parent room type).
  5. Complete the other settings for the room type and save.

When connecting to a booking channel you might want to make the same rooms available with different rates (with/without breakfast, last minute offer, etc). You can then create room type duplicates before mapping the room types. Each duplicate will represent a different rate.

Note: Duplicate room types will not inherit restrictions created for the room types they are connected to. Restrictions will have to be set for every actual room type used in the connection. Read more about creating restrictions on room types used in channel connections here.