You have the possibility to customize your printed invoices.

Invoice template

There are different templates available.
To change invoice template go to: Settings -> Financials -> Invoicing module -> Invoice template.

Invoice prices

You can choose to exclude or include VAT for each product on the invoice.
Note that both options will have the VAT specified in the “total” part of the invoice.
To do this go to: Settings -> Financials -> Invoicing module -> Invoice prices.

Default invoice language

By default the invoice will be created in the language that the guest selected in the booking engine. However, you can also change the default language to the one set for your Sirvoy account localization. To change the default invoice language, go to: Settings -> Financials -> Invoicing module -> Default invoice language.

Within a booking you can also create an invoice in one of a number of other available languages. Once created, the invoice will always be printed in the chosen language.