There are times, for example if you work with travel agents or other third parties that book on behalf of the guest, that you might want to allow them to book without having to pay, even if your general settings would normally require that. This is possible by letting them use a coupon code set to “Bypass payment requirements”.

Go to Settings -> Pricing -> Coupons and create a new coupon code or edit an already existing one.

  • Use the setting “Bypass payment requirements”. You can choose to “allow” or “hide” optional payments. If you choose to allow them, the payment requirement will be bypassed, but the person making the reservation will still see the payment option you have set up, both on the booking confirmation page and the Review form.
  • Select the dates that you want the code valid for. As long as one of the dates overlaps with the booking dates, the payment requirements will be omitted at the time of booking.
  • If you also want to set up a discount that should be applied using this same code or want to use it to unlock a restriction, make your selections for that. These articles explain this functionality in detail. However, other selections don’t have to be made for the “Bypass payment requirement” feature to work.
  • Save the code, which can now be given to your selected third party.

This feature works for whatever payment solution you’ve set up in your payment settings. If you have chosen only to collect card details for later charge (available for Stripe and Sirvoy Vault), this step can also be bypassed or made optional.