On the Units page you will find all your units listed together with information on any guests expected to check in or out on the current date. It also provides information regarding rooms that need cleaning or maintenance, as well as any other housekeeping activities you may have created.

The tabs are especially useful, since they enable you to easily switch between specific unit views according to your needs. You can choose to see all units in an overview, or just the check-ins, check-outs, or stayovers for the current or another selected date.

The “Evacuation list” tab will enable you to immediately see and print all currently occupied units in real time. For more information about using the evacuation list, please see this support article.

The filters provided allow you to view your units in relation to their cleaning status and according to room type or category if applicable. This can be useful in organizing any related tasks specified by you. The information in each column can be sorted by clicking on the arrow symbols of each column header.