Sirvoy can help you keep track of the cleaning of rooms (cleaned & ready for next guest). But you can also create customized scheduled tasks, such as change of sheets or daily cleaning of rooms. Go to Settings -> Housekeeping to create new tasks.

Once created, the new scheduled task “Sheet change” will display as a new column in the Units page. A clickable icon will appear in that column whenever there is a booking with a scheduled task on the current date. The cleaning staff can click the icon to change status to completed.

In the settings for customized scheduled tasks, you can choose how frequently each task should be performed and if it is offered on the day of arrival, day of departure or throughout the stay.

If you want the occurrences of a task to be evenly spaced out in each booking, set the “Optimize the scheduled occurrences” switch to ON and change the activity interval from “daily” to another interval. Tasks with this setting can then be rescheduled on the Units page by clicking on the calendar icon displayed in the column of the scheduled activity.