It is possible to restore a booking that has been cancelled in Sirvoy using the “Restore Cancellation” feature. Since there is more than one possible scenario when restoring a cancelled booking, it is handled in a few different ways.

To restore a cancelled booking:

  1. Click on the green “RESTORE BOOKING” button on the top right of the booking details page.
  2. Click “OK” if this is the booking you wish to restore.

After confirming, you will receive one of the following messages:

  • “Booking was restored successfully”
    If the units are still available, you will receive this message. The booking is now restored with the same units as before the cancellation.
  • “Booking was restored successfully, units were moved”
    If the original units that were booked are not available when restoring, but other units from the same room type are, you will get this message. You will now see that other units have been added to the booking.
  • “Booking was restored, but one or several units are missing”
    If one or several of the originally booked units are no longer available and there are no other units available from the same room type, you will get this warning message. The affected units will be marked in red and under “Unit number” it will say “Unavailable or removed”.

In the last scenario where one or several units are missing, you will need to add new units to the booking manually. This can be done in the three ways explained below:

  • Click on the house icon (“Repair”) on the unit row. Select a new unit from the dropdown menu under “Change to”. Keep the “Refresh room prices in the booking” switch set to “OFF” to keep the old price for this unit. Click “Save”.
  • Click on “ADD ACCOMMODATION” and select a new unit from the dropdown menu. Add the details to the unit, number of guests, price etc. and click “Save”. You can now click on the bin to delete the old row.
  • If you free up a unit from the same room type that was not available at the time of restoring, you can now cancel the booking and then restore it again. The system will now read the available unit of that room type and it will be added in the restored booking.