Sirvoy’s channel manager can connect with Airbnb to retrieve bookings and automatically update room availability and prices.

Tip: Our support team can set this up with you. Contact us through live chat or schedule a free video chat.

Before You Start:

  • Create an Airbnb account and list your properties.

Converting from iCal:

Sirvoy had previously linked to Airbnb with a connection called iCal, but now uses a more robust REST API connection. 

When switching from iCal:

  • If you have any active “import calendars” in Sirvoy, you’ll be advised to delete them. Until you do, any associated room types will be unavailable for mapping. Removing “import calendars” won’t delete any current bookings, but Sirvoy will no longer receive updates to them.

To delete Airbnb import calendars:

  1. Go to Settings -> Channels -> iCal.
  2. Look for units with “Booking Retrieval (Import).”
  3. If the URL links to Airbnb, click the trashcan icon to delete it.
  4. Repeat the above steps for any remaining Airbnb import calendars. 
  • Airbnb iCal bookings and all of their guest data will automatically update to the new connection when you switch
    • The price assigned to the booking will now reflect Airbnb’s booking price.
    • Any future changes to these bookings will come through from Airbnb without issue.
    • Internal comments and guest message fields will not carry over.
  • With the iCal connection, Airbnb’s service fee was split between the host and the guest, but for REST API bookings Airbnb requires a host-only fee. It’s advisable to increase your rates by 15%, which will keep the price for your guests and your earnings relatively unchanged.
  • When you save your mappings with the new connection (step 6 in the subheading “Connect your Sirvoy and Airbnb Accounts”) Airbnb will automatically remove any “import calendars” on its side for the mapped listings.
  • The new REST API connection will change the “Request to Book” option to “Instant Book.”

Connect Your Sirvoy and Airbnb Accounts:

  1. Log in to Airbnb.
  2. On a different tab, but in the same browser window, log in to Sirvoy.
  3. In Sirvoy, go to the Airbnb integration page at Settings -> Channels -> Airbnb -> Edit and click “Connect with Airbnb.”
  4. Review the terms, agree, and click “Allow.”
  5. On the Airbnb integration page, map your Sirvoy room types to the matching Airbnb listings and resolve any warnings displayed (for example, conflicting tax settings between Sirvoy and Airbnb).
  6. Click “Save.”
  7. Import your Airbnb bookings

Note: Conflicting tax settings can be resolved by using the same tax rate on both Sirvoy and Airbnb.

To edit taxes in Airbnb:

  1. Go to Menu -> Listing and click on the listing you want to edit. 
  2. Click on “Pricing and Availability.”
  3. Scroll to the “Taxes” heading and click “Edit.”

To edit taxes in Sirvoy:

  • For individual room types:
    • Go to Settings -> Accommodation.
    • Click the “Edit” adjacent to the relevant room type.
    • Select a tax rate from the “Incl. VAT rate” dropdown list.
  • For general tax settings: 
    • Go to Settings -> Payments and Invoicing
    • In the “Taxes included” box; create or delete tax rates as needed.
    • Deleting tax rates assigned to room types can cause pricing errors. Only delete tax rates if they are not in use.

Airbnb listings match with Sirvoy room types (not individual units). Therefore, make sure Airbnb listings and Sirvoy room types that are mapped together have the same number of units.

  • If you have more unique listings on Airbnb than unique room types in Sirvoy you must either remove listings or create new Sirvoy room types.
  • If you map a unique Airbnb listing with a Sirvoy room type containing more than one unit, Airbnb will think you have multiple, identical listings and not a single, unique one. This can easily cause overbookings because Airbnb will assume there are still available units even if that listing has already been booked.


If you have 5 unique apartments with 5 listings on Airbnb, they must be mapped to 5 different room types in Sirvoy, each containing one unit.

Or if you have 5 identical apartments, you can:

  • Use 1 listing on Airbnb to represent all five apartments and map it to 1 room type in Sirvoy that contains five units.
  • Use 5 listings on Airbnb, one for each apartment, and map them to 5 room types in Sirvoy, each containing one unit.

Your Sirvoy and Airbnb accounts are now connected!

From now on, Sirvoy will control rates, availability, and restrictions for your Airbnb listings. Therefore, make all future updates to those features in Sirvoy because they will override those settings in Airbnb. Changes made in Sirvoy will apply to Airbnb within minutes.

Before You Go:

  • There is an Airbnb host-only service fee for all bookings made through REST API connections. The fee amount varies depending on your listing location and Airbnb account but typically ranges from 14-16%. It’s advisable to increase your rates to account for this fee.
  • “How close to check-in guest can book” and “How far ahead guest can book” are two settings in Airbnb that you can specify for each individual listing or use a default that applies to all listings.
  • Airbnb retrieves prices from Sirvoy without taxes included and will inherit your currency selection from Sirvoy. 
  • Airbnb doesn’t support the flexible pricing model, so Sirvoy will send a single fixed price to Airbnb based on the “number of guests” room type setting. However, there is a different method to provide flexible pricing through Airbnb.

Note: Though double bookings are rare, hoteliers must be vigilant to solve them quickly.

Note: On rare occasions, bookings received from channels might be divided into different rooms.