Let’s say you have 4 double rooms, but you only want 2 of those to be sold through a booking channel. This can be accomplished by creating a second room type in Sirvoy, which only holds two of the double rooms.

  1. Go to Settings -> Accommodations and click “Add new”.
  2. Name this new room type “Double room – OTA/channels” or similar.
  3. The settings for this new room type should be similar to the settings for the original “Double room” room type. You might want to make this room type “internal”, otherwise it will appear in the booking engine when guests book through your website.
  4. Once the room type has been created, click “Add new unit” and add the two double rooms that should be sold through the booking channel.
  5. When mapping your room types, select the new room type “Double room – OTA/channels” that only holds 2 out of 4 double rooms.
  6. If those two rooms are booked for a certain date, Sirvoy will now tell the booking channel that no rooms remain.