Yes! You can import bookings at any time with our import tool.

Note: If your account is connected with, these bookings will be automatically imported into Sirvoy. Please make sure to exclude all reservations in the upload.

How to Import Bookings

  1. Go to Settings -> Sirvoy account -> Import bookings.
  2. Provide the booking data – either by manually filling out the form or by uploading a CSV file (see requirements below).
  3. Click VALIDATE.
  4. Check errors and warnings by hovering over the error/warning symbol and adjusting the form accordingly. (The difference between these is explained below.)
  5. Click VALIDATE again. Once no errors occur, the IMPORT button will become visible.
  6. Click IMPORT.
  7. You see a confirmation page where you can click the links to see each full booking.

Requirements for the CSV File

  1. Fields are separated by a comma (,). If a field’s data contains a comma, surround it with double-quotes (“). Therefore,
    • if you export the CSV file from Excel (Windows), select “comma” as the delimiter.
    • if you export the CSV file from Numbers (Apple), make sure you have set dot (.) as the decimal divider under “System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced -> General”. You might have to restart Numbers before exporting the CSV file.
  2. The following headers are requiredRoom No., Check-in, Check-out, Number of Guests, Price per Night, First Name. The order of these headers is not important.
  3. The following headers are optional: Booking ID, Last Name, Company, Address, Post/Zip Code, City, Country, Phone, Email, Guest Message, Comment, Confirmed (put in “0” for an unconfirmed and “1” for a confirmed booking), Guest Name (used for a specific room in combined bookings), Room Comment (used for a specific room in combined bookings), Language (two-letter code; e.g. “en” for English)


  • The spelling of these headers has to be exactly as mentioned above. This means that you have to use the English headers in all languages.
  • If nothing is set under Language, the “Preferred language” of that booking defaults to English. If English is not one of your supported languages, it defaults to your account language.
  1. Rows can be combined to a single booking when provided with a matching Booking ID. If so, note the following details:
    • Some fields are ignored in rows after the first related row.
    • First Name & Last Name are only ignored if they both match the first related row. Otherwise, both will be merged and imported as Guest Name for that room – but only if Guest Name does not already include other data.
    • Comment is only ignored if it matches the first related row. Otherwise, it will be imported as Comment for that room – but only if Room Comment does not already include other data.
  2. File must not exceed 100 lines. If a file is larger than that, it needs to be split into several files under 100 lines each.

Difference Between Errors And Warnings

Upon validation of the data, you might see some errors and/or warnings in certain cells. By hovering over the symbol, you will see the reason for it.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-09 um 14 23 52
As long as you see errors, it’s not possible to import the bookings. Therefore you won’t see the IMPORT button either. Some examples of errors are:

  • Room not available on specified dates -> If the room is already booked.
  • Booking for room [roomname] on [day] occurs more than once -> If there is another booking for the same room and date in the same file.
  • Invalid “Room No.” -> If room doesn’t exist or is misspelled.
  • Invalid “Phone”. Possibly due to invalid or missing “Country” -> If the phone number can’t be validated and the country is either missing or invalid.
  • This file is too big for import, max amount of lines: 100. Please split it into smaller parts -> File exceeds 100 lines. See point 6 about requirements for the file.”

Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-09 um 14 24 05
Warnings, on the other hand, don’t prevent you from importing the bookings. They just notify you that some details might not be according to your settings or might be missing in the final import. Some examples of warnings are:

  • Higher than max ([number]) for this room -> If “Number of Guests” in the file is higher than the “Max. number of guests” you actually allow for this room type in your settings.
  • Invalid or missing “Country” could cause “Phone” to be invalid -> If the country code is missing or wrong (e.g. “UK” instead of “GB”).