Important: Payer and Payson are legacy solutions and are no longer available for new users. Our recommended payment solution, Stripe, is available for all users.

Would you like your guests to be able to pay the remaining balance, or to cancel their booking, directly via your website? Or simply let them review their booking details? Then you might want to use the Review Your Booking feature.

  1. Activate this feature by going to Settings -> Guest portal -> Installation and click “Install”.
  2. Use the code shown to install the Review Your Booking form on your website.
  3. If you prefer to link to a standalone page with the Review Your Booking form, copy the URL and use it wherever you like to link from. (If you have activated the Sirvoy Website Builder (available in Pro), it will instead be the URL for this webpage that will be available for this purpose.)

You can request guests to pay the remaining balance by sending them an automated email with the remaining balance and a link to the Review Your Booking form. Please note that the partial prepayment amount might appear instead of the remaining balance, depending on the selections you’ve made in your payment settings. All our online payment methods (Stripe, Payer, Paypal, and Payson) are supported in the Review Your Booking feature.