With Sirvoy Pro, in addition to the default booking engine, you can create additional booking engines only for selling extras. That way, you can offer extras to your guests without also offering room types.

Required Extra Settings

To be able to include an extra in a booking engine for only extras, it must have the following settings activated under Settings -> Extras:

  • The “Maximum bookable quantity” must not be set to correspond to one of these:
    • number of guests
    • number of guests and nights
    • number of rooms
    • number of rooms and nights
  • The setting “Internal (not shown when guests book online)” must be “OFF”.
  • Additionally, the “Filter” must be set to “Display regardless of selected room types”.

The settings for “Offered on these days” (seen when “Keep count per day” set to “ON”) and “Available for a limited period” can be used to define the availability of the extra if so needed.

Booking Engine Settings

Create a new booking engine by going to Settings -> Booking engines -> Manage booking engines and clicking “Add new booking engine”. Under “Filter”, choose “Show all extra options in this booking engine” to include all your extras with the required settings mentioned above, or “Show only selected extra options in this booking engine”, which allows you to choose which of these extras you want to include, by setting them to “ON”.

Note: It is always possible to create a booking with only extras, from the “New Booking” tab, as long as the settings for an extra allow it to be booked during the selected period.